Playoff Schedule For Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th.

5/16/2014 Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
6:00 PM Titans vs Chiefs 8U Chargers vs Raiders 8U Buccaneers vs Packers 7U
7:00 PM Ravens vs Panthers 11U Buccaneers vs Jets 8U Ravens vs Titans 7U
8:00 PM Titans vs Raiders 11U Packers vs Steelers 8U Redskins vs Winner (Titans vs Chiefs) 8U
9:00 PM Cardinals vs Rams 16U Giants vs Titans 16U
5/17/2014 Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
8:00 AM Chiefs vs winner of (Ravens/Titans) 7U Colts vs winner of (Titans/Raiders) 11U Eagles vs winner of (Buccaneers/Packers) 7U
9:00 AM Lions vs winner of (Ravens/Panthers) 11U winner of (Redskins vs. Titans/Chiefs) vs winner (Raiders/Chargers) 8U winner of (Packers/Steelers) vs winner of (Buccaneers/Jets) 8U
10:00 AM Colts vs winner of (Giants/Titans) 16U Raiders vs winner of (Cardinals/Rams) 16U 7U Championships!!
11:00 AM 11U Championships!! 16U Championships!!(If no coach conflicts) 8U Championships!!
12:00 PM
1:00 PM

2014 Co-ed Flag Football


To create an atmosphere for individual athletes and teams which promotes sportsmanship and fairness.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a place where learning to compete and having fun doing it work together.

Offered Programs

7U Ages 5 - 7

9U: Ages 8 - 9

11U: Ages 10 - 11

16U: Ages 12- 16

Evaluations are February 23rd at the Rocky Fork Football Field.    

If you have questions or special requests, please email us at Email Flag Football Director

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