League Information

In climate Weather Policy:

Per WCPR and WCS

Weekdays: If Schools are closed or close early = all events that evening are cancelled.

Saturdays: If Schools were closed or closed early on Friday = The County office will make the call on Games (cancelled/delayed) by 7am and this will be posted on the Basketball Home Page.


See Rules Page for details.

For those who can't get the drop down to work.....here are the league rules.

WCPR Rules


Tournament Brackets

Attached is the In-House Tournament Bracket for next week.  This includes games for 7/8 & 9/10 boys and girls along with the 11/12 and 13/14 boys teams.  Please pay close attention to gym locations as we are using SES and NES for both 7/8 and 9/10 age groups.

To resolve tie breaks we first used head to head match ups.  If the teams did not play each other then we checked to see who beat the highest ranked team.  If they are still tied we used the high tech method of a coin flip.

The 11/12 girls, 13/14 girls, 15/17 boys and all competitive teams will go straight to the county tournament. (link below)

We will post brackets at each gym if the schools will allow and we will try to send out an update each night after results are reported.

One other note the county will not be providing participation trophies as they have in years past and unfortunately we were not aware of this until after budget approval and signups had begun. 

In-House Tournament Schedule  Revised 03/04/14 1:21pm

All County Tournament Schedule Revised 03/04/14 1:21pm

Good luck and remember it is about the kids!


Please continually update your Team Page weekly with comments, practice schedule and player information.  If you are having difficulty with your team page, please contact Lisa at reederpartyof5@gmail.com 

Dick’s Sporting Goods Sponsor

Dick’s Sporting Goods is again a proud partner of Nolensville Basketball Association. 

Other Stuff

We will also conclude the season with another fun filled All-Star Weekend. 

The Nolensville Basketball Association Committee would like to thank everyone who is joining us this season.

If you have questions please email basketball@nolensvilleathletics.com   

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